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Technology news from around the Web 04.06.09

Technology Morning Update 04.06.09

From the Bayou State comes news from the New Orleans Times-Picayune that Mayor Ray Nagin and his chief technology officer Greg Meffert have allowed IT contractors to “play simultaneous dual roles: city bureaucrats and entrepreneurs.” The story says representatives from a host of technology contractors including ACS, Ciber, Imagine Software, Science Engineering Associates and others were allowed to impersonate city employees and oversee their own contract work.

New York’s Statewide Wireless Network (SWN) is trying to refocus itself after canceling a contract worth $2 billion in January, Government Technology reports. The state project is looking to go a little less state-wide and refocus efforts on regional solutions. “The new strategic road map we are pursuing de-emphasizes the one-size-fits-all notion and envisions an interconnected system of systems,” says Nancy Perry, director of the Statewide Interoperability Program Office.

Federal Computer Week‘s print edition has a few good stories today. Chief among them is a story by Alice Lipowicz on the difficulty states are having managing all the money that’s coming from the stimulus package. “States don’t have the money to manage the money they’re supposed to be managing,” she says in the lead.

Finally, the Los Angeles Times reports that LAPD’s EveryBlock – a geospatial and crime statistic computer system – has consistently ranked 90012, one of downtown’s ZIP Codes, the most dangerous in the city, positioning a large, foreboding orange cluster over the Civic Center with the number of crimes regularly updated. Problem is, crimes reported in other areas have congregated in large clusters on the map – making those areas look deadly to innocent passers by.



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